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Representative Projects

Client: Nation-wide Industrial Client
CCI provides environmental, health and safety assistance to an industrial client which is headquartered in Florida. CCI’s staff works closely with the local Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) to confirm compliance with all appropriate and applicable regulatory requirements. CCI provides annual audits to determine compliance with the environmental laws and regulations and to determine compliance with worker health and safety regulations. The scope of work includes the identification of applicable regulations, developing protocols and checklists, reviewing documents and plans, interviewing employees, completing field inspection and evaluating findings and providing recommendations. CCI also negotiates with all appropriate regulatory agencies when necessary.

Client: Property Owner/Major Salvage Vehicle Company

CCI has provided project management, regulatory negotiations and site investigation and characterization services at a 33-acre, asbestos-contaminated site, which was a former ammonia sulfate plant. CCI was retained by the property owner to serve as an environmental consultant and liaison between the property owner, a major oil company which used to own the property and the regulatory agencies. CCI successfully completed negotiating an agreement among the parties whereby the parties responsible for the contamination paid the current property owner the costs of the cleanup, as well as other damages. In addition, CCI provided a Work Plan and Site Safety Plan for the remediation of the site that allowed the owner to make use of portions of the property while the site was undergoing remediation. Since then, the property owner has leased the site to a major nation-wide salvage vehicle auction company, which also retained CCI to assist it with various environmental matters.

Client: Large Real Estate Management Firm

CCI completed over 40 Preliminary Site Assessments within a one-month period for a large property management firm. CCI’s thorough evaluation resulted in revealing areas of environmental concern and inappropriate tenant practices. Further, CCI was also able to investigate certain environmental concerns and provide recommendations for correcting the problems. Due to financial considerations, time was of the essence for CCI’s client, and CCI’s immediate and efficient response to the client’s needs and requests allowed the client to meet its financial obligations, thereby saving several thousand dollars.

Client: Major Chain of Convenience Stores
CCI is providing site investigation and regulatory compliance services for a major northern California chain of gas stations and convenience stores. CCI is investigating the extent of soil and groundwater contamination at a number of gas station sites. CCI has and is also negotiating with various regulatory agencies on behalf of the client to reduce overall costs of remediation. Recommendations and assistance provided by CCI professional have helped the client achieve closure at certain sites.

Client: Private University

CCI has prepared Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBPs) and Hazardous Materials Management Plans (HMMPs) for a local, private university. CCI also evaluated the environmental practices and procedures that had been implemented at that facility and provided recommendations. In the process, CCI inspected the facility, reviewed university policies, practices and documents, interviewed employees and contractors and negotiated with local regulatory agencies.

Client: Private Trust

CCI is working with a private trust in obtaining reimbursement for investigation and remediation costs related to contamination caused by leaking petroleum underground storage tanks. The Trust was initially found to be ineligible for reimbursement, however, after CCI’s intervention on behalf of the Trustee, the Board reversed its initial finding of ineligibility and processed the client’s application. The Trust has now received over $100,000.00 in reimbursement costs.
CCI has considerable experience and expertise in working with the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund (Fund), and maintains a close and cooperative relationship with the Fund’s staff.

Client: Law Firms/Consultants
CCI assists law firms and other environmental consultants in projects requiring CEQA/NEPA compliance. One such project, for the City of San Jose involved the preparation of certain CEQA documents, including a Preliminary Project Review and Initial Study. The project involved the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Federal 404 Permit), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, State Water Resources Control Board, Office of Historic Preservation, California Department of Fish and Game, the Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Planning Department of the City of San Jose.

CCI has also assisted in the preparation of EIRs for the Sonoma and Windsor School Districts.

Client: Industrial client

CCI is conducting an investigation for an industrial client to define the extent of solvent and hydrocarbon contamination in the soil and groundwater. CCI has initiated and coordinated meetings with the appropriate regulatory agencies to present Work Plans, Interim Remediation Plans and Preliminary Assessment Reports. CCI is working on an approach to limit the client ‘s exposure to a regional groundwater contamination problem that was discovered by CCI during the off-site phase of the investigation. CCI is in the process of using Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) guidelines to select appropriate and cost-effective corrective actions

Client: Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)
CCI worked with East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) to update Hazardous Materials Management Plans (HMMP) at all EBMUD facilities located in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties and their Stockton facility. In addition, CCI also worked in conjunction with another environmental firm in providing EBMUD
with environmental audits of its water treatment plants. The emphasis of the audits were to determine compliance with environmental laws and regulations. An additional issue was to determine compliance with health and safety regulations, especially as they related to environmental issues. The scope of work included identification of applicable regulations, developing protocols and checklists, reviewing documents and plans, completing field inspections and evaluating the findings.

Client: Large Independent Oil Company/Private Property Owner
CCI is providing a local independent oil company and owner of several of the oil company’s sites with regulatory compliance assistance. CCI is also coordinating the efforts and activities of several remediation firms in order to achieve effective and economical alternatives and solutions to CCI’s client’s often overwhelming regulatory and remediation requirements.


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